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Bharatiya Arogya Nidhi (BANH), Sheth K. C. Parikh General Hospital is located in Juhu, Northwest Mumbai. It all began as a noble initiative by Shri. H. B. Shah, Smt. W. H. Shah, Shri. P. B. Shah and Shri. A. K. Shah – with an objective to strengthen medical care in the community and cater to every segment of the society.

BANH, which was started in 1976 with the objective of being a convalescent home, is a tertiary care hospital today. Over the years, new departments were added as per requirement. The mantle has been carried forward by (late) Shri Shantibhai Shah from 1976 to 1987, and then by (late) Shri Shirishbhai P. Shah till 2021.

The subsequent generations of the founding fathers have made it a point to continuously upgrade the hospital and provide affordable health services to patients year-on-year. Currently, their progeny Shri. Rajesh S. Shah (President), Shri. Asim S. Shah (Hon. Secretary), Shri. Salil R. Shah (Hon. Treasurer), constitute the present-day management.



To provide high quality affordable healthcare services to all through the untiring, dedicated and enthusiastic efforts of our doctors, staff and management.


To make our countrymen healthy through our care for our countrymen’s health.




Continuous learning, growth, integrity, excellence in patient care.






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Bhartiya Arogya Nidhi has been in operations in Juhu area of Mumbai since 1976. Our expertise is in treating all kinds of ailments with the cooperation and guidance of top-of-the-line consultants and the excellent services provided. We also take immense pride in our famous consultants associated with us who are also involved in research which hereby enhances the quality of medical care and supervision for our patients.

Looking back, we are heartened to see that we have managed to live up to the expectations of our patients and their families as well as empower them with the services we provide.

Here at Bhartiya Arogya Nidhi, it is our aim to maintain the highest quality of services of curative, restorative and preventive treatments, and thereby render a very high standard of patient care, thus making us the best tertiary care hospital in our area.