General Medicine

General Medicine

General Medicine Department - Bharatiya Nidhi Hospital

General Medicine

The General Medicine Department Bharatiya Arogya Nidhi Hospital includes a team of highly qualified and experienced Physicians whose primary role is to deal with prevention, diagnosis and treatment by providing immediate basic needs to the multitude of patients entering the hospital seeking relief.

The primary goal is to combine the latest evidence-based medicine with experience and thoughtful decisions about the patients to foster wellness and healing. This is well supported by our in-house round-the-clock Diagnostic Services and Support Staff.

Ranging from the treatment of Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Lupus, UTI, Gastro intestinal infections, SLE, RA, and connective tissue diseases to the more complex I.C.U. monitored ventilator support management, sepsis, shock, trauma, stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure – all medical conditions can be very well managed here with 24*7 supervision by our excellent teams of Intensivists, Resident Doctors, and I.C.U. trained Nursing Staff.

Doctor's Panel

  • Dr. Abhishek Bhargav
  • Dr. Subhash Pawar
  • Dr. Santosh Nagare
  • Dr. Zubin M. Vaid
  • Dr. Vinay Parvatkar
  • Dr. Vishesh R. Agrawal
  • Dr. C. C. Nair
  • Dr. Manoj Patel
  • Dr. Prakash R. Relwani
  • Dr. Ritesh R. Shetty
  • Dr. Dinesh Rohira