Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department - Bharatiya Nidhi Hospital

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The Department of Physiology At Bharatiya Arogya Nidhi Hospital offers diagnostic and curative services for a wide range of chronic injuries – neurological, cardiac, sports, etc.

Bharatiya Arogya Nidhi Hospital has a team of professionally-trained doctors and allied medical staff supported by state-of-the-art equipment and modern machines. The team is dedicated to treating patients in the best possible way with an aim to ensuring the patient gets physically fit and healthy so they can return to their normal day-to-day activities.

The department also houses a centre for rehabilitation medicine that helps individuals to overcome health disabilities and attain a degree of optimal health. The coordination of all rehabilitation programs is conducted by medical and surgical teams who have years of experience in dealing with such kinds of patients, with the goal of providing the highest quality of treatment and care to the patient.

Doctor's Panel

  • Dr. Sujata A. Tibrewala
  • Dr. Ami Parekh
  • Dr. Arbaz Khan